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Project Description
The WSS Mini Workflow Actions are a set of custom SharePoint workflow actions which implement common workflow scenarios such as majority approval, fixed count approval, and gathering acknowledgments. This allows users to chain together "Workflows" in SharePoint Designer

The project includes both a binary Solution file (.wsp) and a complete visual studio solution with source code (C# and Visual Studio 2008). The visual studio solution produces a deployable SharePoint Solution file (.wsp) whenever it is built.

The workflow actions may be deployed to either WSS 3.0 or MOSS 2007.

The WSS Mini Workflow Actions add a set of custom actions to SharePoint designer allowing common workflows to be added as single configurable actions in a SharePoint designer workflow, greatly reducing the time is takes to produce common workflows. The extensions also includes a set of task content types and associated forms giving participants in the generated workflows a richer experience.
Current Release
0.9 WSP Binary
0.9 Source Code

Upcoming Release
Version 1.0

Fixed Count Aproval Action in SharePoint Designer

Approval Task Form


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