Setting Sentence

Wait %1 days for at least %2 percent of the group %3. Reject if %4 rejections are received. Place the result in %5
Parameter 1
Maximum number of days to wait for responses before the workflow continues. Waits forever if the value is set to 0
Parameter 2
Percentage of users which need to approve for the result to be approved.
Parameter 3
List of SharePoint users or SharePoint groups to whom to assign the approval tasks. SharePoint groups will be expanded and assign tasks to each member of the group.
Parameter 4
Maximum number of rejections allowed before the workflow exits with the result rejected. 0 allows an unlimited number of rejections.
Parameter 5
Workflow variable to place the outcome of the voting. It will be set to Rejected if the maximum number of rejections was reached. It will be set to approved if the required percentage of approvals is reached. If neither condition is met the result will be TimedOut

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